Laser Machining of Polymers – Cutting Polymers

Polymers are often used in medical and biotech devices (e.g. for meshes, filters, tubes, microchannels) and in the microelectronic and sensor industries for insulating layers in multi-level devices. In all these cases, the high precision required has to be matched to high quality (i.e. lack of damage and burrs, no melting, high reproducibility). Other high precision use of polymers include their use as deposition masks in coating systems.

Many types of polymers can be laser machined, the most common ones being polyimide (PI), polycarbonate (PC) and polyester (PET). Other polymers include PMMA, PTFE, SU8, other photoresists and acrylics.

100_micron_wide_slots_in_polyimide100 micron wide slots in polyimide.
400um_blind_holes_in_polycarbonate400um blind holes in polycarbonate.
Complex_shapes_machined_in_SU8_resistComplex shapes machined in SU8 resist.
Ultrahigh_quality_cutting_of_50_micron_thick_polyimideUltrahigh quality cutting of 50 micron thick polyimide.
200_micron_holes_in_50_micron_thick_polyimide200 micron holes in 50 micron thick polyimide.
Polycarbonate_300um_wide channelPolycarbonate 300um wide channel.
80_micron_wide_slot_in_PMMA_tube80 micron wide slot in PMMA tube.
Polymer_Fresnel_LensPolymer Fresnel Lens.
100um_wide_v-grooves_in_polycarbonate100um wide v-grooves in polycarbonate.
Machining_of_moulds_for_coils_with_30um_elementsMachining of moulds for coils with 30um elements.
Serpentine_channels_in_polycarbonateSerpentine channels in polycarbonate.
25um_thick_FEP25um thick FEP.
Polymer_microneedles_with_double_holesPolymer microneedles with double holes.
Microflaps_in_50_micron_thick_polyimide_with_75_micron_machined_gapsMicroflaps in 50 micron thick polyimide with 75 micron machined gaps.
Micromachined_serpentine_channel_in_polycarbonateMicromachined serpentine channel in polycarbonate.
200_micron_holes_in_50_micron_thick_PTFE200 micron holes in 50 micron thick PTFE.
100_micron_wide_grooves_in_polycarbonate_showing_10_micron_wide_walls_between_grooves100 micron wide grooves in polycarbonate showing 10 micron wide walls between grooves.
High_quality_cutting_of_50_micron_polyimideHigh quality cutting of 50 micron polyimide.
Precision_cutting_of_slots_in_1mm_polymer_tubePrecision cutting of slots in 1mm polymer tube.
Laser-cut_parts_from_50_micron_thick_polyimideLaser-cut parts from 50 micron thick polyimide.
Precision_cutting_of_50_micron_thick_polyimidePrecision cutting of 50 micron thick polyimide.
400_micron_diameter_hole_in_600_micron_thick_silicone_elastomer400 micron diameter hole in 600 micron thick silicone elastomer.
Machining_of_500_micron_wide_slots_in_polycarbonateMachining of 500 micron wide slots in polycarbonate.
300um_hexagons_in_polycarbonate300um hexagons in polycarbonate.
1mm_wide_Y-junction_in_polymer_microfluidic_device1mm wide Y-junction in polymer microfluidic device.
2mm_square_well_in_PTFE2mm square well in PTFE.
Holes_in_95_micron_thick_UPVCHoles in 95 micron thick UPVC.
Polymer_microneedles_with_shaped_sides_and_through_holePolymer microneedles with shaped sides and through hole.
1mm_thick_silicone_gasket1mm thick silicone gasket.
Gaskets_cut_from_silicone_sheetGaskets cut from silicone sheet.