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Micro Manufacturing with Lasers

Med-Tech Innovation January/February 2012

Precision Laser Micromachining – The Balance Between Speed And Quality

Paper published in The Industrial Laser User, Autumn 2007

Development of Microtitre Plates for Electrokinetic Assays

Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering (2007) Vol .17 pages 250-257

Laser microfabrication of multifunctional devices

Presented at AILU meeting “Laser microprocessing of challenging materials and architectures” Cardiff University, July 2007

Laser micromachining – A New Tool for Precision Engineers

Presented at AILU meeting “Laser applications for micro and nano engineering” Exitech (Oxford), June 2006

Recent Developments in Laser Microprocessing Technologies for Manufacturing Applications

Presented at Photon06 Conference University of Manchester, September 2006


Paper published in The Industrial Laser User, 2006


Paper published in Proc. SPIE Photonics West 6441:64410Y San Jose Jan 2007


Paper published in Proc. SPIE Photonics West 6459:645909 San Jose Jan 2007

Development of an Optical Biochip for the Analysis of Cell Environment Sensitivity

Paper published in SPIE Photonics West 6441:64410V San Jose Jan 2007

A 193nm Excimer Laser Microstepper System

Nadeem H. Rizvi, Julian S. Cashmore, Chris M. Solomon, Phil T. Rumsby and Malcolm C. Gower

193nm imaging using a small-field high-resolution resist exposure tool

Nadeem H. Rizvi, Malcolm C. Gower, Dominic Ashworth, Neil Sykes, Phil T. Rumsby Bruce W. Smith, Francis N. Goodall and Ron A. Lawes

A completely laser-based production method for fibre Bragg grating devices

D. A. Barber, P. Elbourn, J. Greuters & N. H. Rizvi

An Excimer Laser Micromachining System for the production of Bioparticle Electromanipulation Devices

Nadeem H. Rizvi, Erol C. Harvey and Phil T. Rumsby, Julian P. H. Burt, Mark S. Talary, John A. Tame and Ron Pethig

Development of an industrial femtosecondlaser micro-machining system

Thorsten Bauera, Frank Kortea, , John Howorthb, Carsten Mommac, Nadeem Rizvid, Frédéric Saviote., Francois Salinf

Diamond Photodetector Response to Deep UV Excimer Laser Excitation

S.P. Lansley, R.D. McKeag, M.D. Whitfield, N. Rizvi, and R.B. Jackman

Diamond photodetectors for next generation 157-nm deep-UV photolithography tools

Michael D. Whitfield, Stuart P. Lansleya, Olivier Gaudin, Robert D. McKeag, Nadeem Rizvi, Richard B. Jackman

Excimer laser patterning of thick and thin films for high density packaging

Phil Rumsby, Erol Harvey, Daf Thomas and Nadeem Rizvi

High-resolution microlithography using a 193nm excimer laser source.

Nadeem H. Rizvi, Dominic Ashworth, Julian S. Cashmore and Malcolm C. Gower

High Resolution Micromachining Using Short Wavelength and Short Pulse Lasers

J Cashmore, M Gower, P Gruenewald, D Karnakis, N Rizvi and M Whitfield

Laser micromachining – new techniques and developments for display applications

Nadeem Rizvi, Jako Greuters, Jason Dallimore, Keren Hamilton, Robin Clabburn & Bran Ebsworth

Laser Micromachining – New Developments and Applications

Nadeem Rizvi, David Milne, Phil Rumsby and Malcolm Gower p>

Manufacture of Miniature Bioparticle Electromanipulators by Excimer Laser Ablation

Malcolm C Gower, Erol C. Harvey, Nadeem H. Rizvi and Phil T. Rumsby, Julian P. H. Burt, Mark S. Talary, Jon A. Tame and Ron Pethig

Micromachining of Industrial Materials with Ultrafast Lasers

Nadeem H. Rizvi, Dimitris Karnakis & Malcolm C. Gower

Direct Manufacture of Miniature Bio-Particle Electro-Manipulator Devices using Excimer Laser Mask Projection Techniques

Nadeem H. Rizvi, Phil T. Rumsby, Malcolm C. Gower, Julian P. H. Burt, Mark S. Talary, John A. Tame and Ron Pethig

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